Playing guitar since the age of 24 and an Austin based songwriter since 2014, Don Berryhill has established himself as a solid local musician that can rock the house as well as draw a few tears from even the most stoic of faces with his heartfelt original songs and cover tunes. 

Don brings a unique presence to the music scene by accompanying himself on guitar, harmonica, and percussion.   He often is joined by one or more of the best local musicians to swap songs and accompany one other.  He was a founding member of the Austin band The Humdingers who played at such iconic venues as the Broken Spoke, Little Longhorn Saloon, and Mercer Street Dancehall.  

Not to be boxed in by any specific genre of music, he plays a variety of songs to keep it interesting for the listener.  His first CD "Timeless Classics" has everything from ballads, rock, country, island, humorous, blues, spoken word, and finger picking acoustic solo. 

"I feel strongly that my music is not so much about me but rather about enhancing  the overall experience of those in attendance.  My focus is to create pleasing, entertaining, and interesting music that will make the evening or event more memorable, the energy in the space more vibrant, be a soundtrack for stimulating conversation, maybe make the food taste a little better, the beer seem a little colder, the wine go down smoother, create a lasting connection with the audience, and get toes tapping without them even knowing it". 

You get the idea.    512-585-7149




Don Berryhill and Joel McColl live

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Metcalf BBQ, 8600 290 West, Austin, TX

Come join me and Joel McColl for a rollicking good time on the patio for some excellent BBQ and cool tunes. This patio is 2 1/2 acres and a perfect place to bring the family.




Don Berryhill

The inspiration for this one happened when me and a buddy were sitting at the Soggy Dollar bar on Jost Van Dyke island in the British Virgin Islands when a guy yells out "I need two bananawhackers and a pain in the ass" to the bartender. I wrote the song the next morning.
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  1. Bananawhacker

You're Not Leaving Without Me

Don Berryhill

This song was written for my surrogate grandparents, Bill and Lou Schumann, shortly after they died.

They were both 90 years old, had been married 69 years, and passed away within two hours of each other.

I don't think they would have had it any other way.

(performed with Rose Gabriel on vocals and mandolin)
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Windmills and Waterholes

Don Berryhill

I lived in Midland, Texas for a while and this song was inspired by an oil field worker who told me about how he expected to lose his job when oil prices went down. He seemed to have a good attitude about it and would find something else to do until the companies started hiring again.

(co-write with Steve Snyder)
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